Platform Security


Our platform security technologies provide trust in the computing platform upon which software is executed. Our current projects, FVA and TFPGA, focus on hardware assurance. We have also worked on securing physical and virtual computing platforms, including Virtual Trusted Platform Modules and FPGA PUF design.


  • Extract higher-level design understanding from third-party FPGAs
  • Detect Trojans and other vulnerabilities in unknown/undocumented third-party FPGA designs
  • Automate development of FPGA designs to test all FPGA resources; enumerate and grade each resource to obtain coverage metrics
  • Enable advanced FPGA design techniques, such as precisely controlled, relocatable macros, automatically generated and graded test suites, and device characterization


  • FPGA reverse engineering allows deriving netlists and higher-level intermediate representations from devices
  • FPGA testing and test suite grading allows accurate detection of anomalies and potential vulnerabilities


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