30+ years of cyber innovation advancing security resilience, automation, and developer productivity.

Our areas of expertise are designed to augment your existing development activities and processes through seamless integration with a variety of tools.

  • Platform Security

    Ensure trust in the computing platform, including hardware, from design through deployment. Assess risk due to use of untrusted supply chains of FPGA and ASIC devices.

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  • Machine Learning and Big Code

    Combine machine-learning techniques with program analysis to increase software security, reliability, and maintainability. Mine the collective wisdom in massive code repositories to speed up, automate, and enhance developer processes.

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  • Binary Rewriting

    Based on high-fidelity binary ingestion and analysis, automatically transform binary software executables and libraries to improve functionality, security, maintainability, and performance.

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  • Automated Software Engineering

    Automate aspects of software development through source code transformation and synthesis. Build tools that integrate into modern workflows to support collaborative, human/automated software development.

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  • Application Security and Reverse Engineering

    Use state-of-the-art program analysis techniques to build an understanding of the functionality, strengths, and weaknesses of executable software and firmware. Apply that understanding to improve security and performance.

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