GrammaTech Technologies

30+ years of cyber research focused on security, resilience, sustainment, automation, and developer productivity.

Cyber Security Technologies

Reverse Engineering and Application Security – Experts at vulnerability detection and mitigations for software binaries, firmware, and FPGAs.

Our expertise in software analysis and binary transformation comes from decades of experience in high-tech research with the U.S. government and other organizations. Over the past thirty-five years, we have partnered with several groups to help solve some of the most complex software challenges that impact devices’ resiliency, safety, and security.

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Our work has been focused on three areas:

  • Vulnerability Detection and Mitigation: technologies focused on sophisticated reverse engineering techniques to detect and mitigate vulnerabilities in source code and binaries at runtime and at rest.
  • Software Transformation & Binary Hardening: technologies focused on system resiliency through binary analysis, binary patching, and hardening to reduce attack surfaces while maintaining core functionality.
  • Autonomic Computing & Continuous Monitoring: providing software systems with the ability to ‘self-protect’ and mitigate supply chain interdiction.

Research Partners

Over the years we’ve cultivated relationships with many leading organizations across the country. These are some of our trusted research partners.

Problems We Solve

Common Problems

  • Vulnerability Assessment & Mitigation
  • Supply Chain & 3rd Party Trust
  • DevSecOps Transformation
  • Embedding Cyber Resiliency into Weapons Systems & Space Ground Architectures
  • Legacy System Modernization
  • OT/ICS Resilience

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Proven Results

Experts bringing proven results

  • Faster and more secure software development processes
  • Modernize systems to enhance security, efficiency, and maintainability
  • Automate operator and analyst workflows to increase operational effectiveness
  • A lower threshold of expertise is required to use advanced cyber tools and capabilities
  • Lower the domain expertise needed to secure IoT, cyber-physical, industrial-control, and configurable hardware systems
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