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Our staff is able to focus on the most challenging software issues through a constant stream of highly innovative research and commercial development programs – focused on the evolving cyber-security landscape, including software hardening techniques and intelligent systems.

We are growing fast, and need high-quality engineers and research scientists to work on our advanced research as well as commercial products. We are seeking talented and motivated individuals to join us in our Ithaca, NY and Madison, WI offices, as well as remotely.

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Verum & GrammaTech Webinar

Webinar | Applying Aviation Cyber-Security via DO-326A / ED-202A

Wednesday, October 3 at 12pm EST, this 1-Hour Technical Training webinar from AFuzion & Grammatech provides the basic info necessary to start planning your Aviation Cyber-Security needs to meed the year-end 2019 mandates. The new DO-326A (ED-202A), DO-355, DO-356 et al ecosystem is non-trivial but affects virtually everyone involved with aviation development and deployment. The DO-326A/ED-202A set of documents is all about the mitigation of the aviation/aircraft safety effects of “Intentional Unauthorized Electronic Interaction (IUEI)”, a.k.a. “Cyber Threats”, and which were explicitly excluded from the classic DO-178/ED-12/ARP4754 set. This AFuzion / Grammatech webinar prepares YOU to begin preparing TODAY for TOMORROW's threats, and mandates.

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