Open Source Software

30+ years of cyber innovation advancing security resilience, automation, and developer productivity.

Our Open Source Software is designed to augment your existing development activities and processes through seamless integration with a variety of tools.

  • Software Evolution Library

    The Software Evolution Library (SEL) provides a programmatic interface for the parsing, analysis, and rewriting of software source code in many programming languages through a single generic API.

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  • Mnemosyne

    Mnemosyne seamlessly brings cutting-edge advances in software development automation into modern IDEs, supporting collaborative human/automated software development.

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    An intermediate representation for binary analysis and rewriting. GTIRB seeks to be an LLVM-IR for reverse engineering.

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  • DDisasm

    DDisasmA fast and accurate disassembler. DDisasm can disassemble real-world stripped binaries with accuracy sufficient to enable modification and reassembly.

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