Binary Rewriting

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Automatic disassembly, analysis, and transformation of binary software executables and libraries to improve functionality, security, and efficiency.


  • Industry leading binary analysis and transformation built on our revolutionary Datalog-driven reassembleable disassembler and our open-source binary intermediate representation.
  • Binary security through hardening, diversification, and attack surface minimization.
  • Binary efficiency through aggressive optimization.
  • Binary robustness and portability through static repackaging of dynamic binaries.


  • Datalog is used for compact and efficient expression of disassembly heuristics in our Datalog Disassembler.
  • GrammaTech Intermediate Representation for Binaries (GTIRB) allows uniform representation and transformation of binaries.
  • Satisfiability Modulo Theory (SMT) solvers including Quantifier Free Bit Vector (QFBV) logics enable efficient formal reasoning about the behavior of binary software.
  • Dynamic programming and heuristic search techniques enable efficient exploration of large spaces of candidate replacement binaries.
  • Low-level software instrumentation and emulation enable dynamic analysis of binary behavior.


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