Open-Source Software Security – Areas of Long Term Focus and Prioritization

Posted by the Office of the National Cyber Director on Nov 21, 2023


Thomas Wahl, Deby Katz


GrammaTech, Inc. welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Request for Information on Open-Source Software Security: Areas of Long-Term Focus and Prioritization, Docket: ONCD-2023-0002. GrammaTech’s responses regarding focus areas and sub-areas provide information based on our expertise in cybersecurity and software quality. We believe that it is urgent to foster the adoption of memory-safe programming languages and strengthen the software supply chain, as these actions will have widespread impact on reducing the impact of existing software vulnerabilities. However, it is also important to foster large scale changes to the open source community and developer ecosystem that may happen over a longer timeline, such as incorporating systematic and transparent quality assurance techniques and improving developer education.

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