Automated Customized Bug-Benchmark Generation

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19th International Working Conference on Source Code Analysis and Manipulation, SCAM 2019, Cleveland, OH, USA, September 30 – October 1, 2019 (distinguished paper)


Vineeth Kashyap, Jason Ruchti, Lucja Kot, Emma Turetsky, Rebecca Swords, Shih An Pan, Julien Henry, David Melski and Eric M. Schulte


We introduce Bug-Injector, a system that automatically creates benchmarks for customized evaluation of static analysis tools. We share a benchmark generated using Bug-Injector and illustrate its efficacy by using it to evaluate the recall of two leading open-source static analysis tools: Clang Static Analyzer and Infer. Bug-Injector works by inserting bugs based on bug templates into real-world host programs. It runs tests on the host program to collect dynamic traces, searches the traces for a point where the state satisfies the preconditions for some bug template, then modifies the host program to “inject” a bug based on that template. Injected bugs are used as test cases in a static analysis tool evaluation benchmark. Every test case is accompanied by a program input that exercises the injected bug. We have identified a broad range of requirements and desiderata for bug benchmarks; our approach generates on-demand test benchmarks that meet these requirements. It also allows us to create customized benchmarks suitable for evaluating tools for a specific use case (e.g., a given codebase and set of bug types). Our experimental evaluation demonstrates the suitability of our generated benchmark for evaluating static bug-detection tools and for comparing the performance of different tools.

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