DARPA Awards GrammaTech Contract to Develop Software to Protect Embedded Systems

Ithaca, NY — GrammaTech, Inc., a leading maker of tools that improve and accelerate software development, today announced that the company has been awarded additional funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to continue developing software that automatically detects and removes vulnerabilities from embedded software.

Recent studies have shown that embedded systems are especially vulnerable to cyber-attacks. For instance, published exploits have included remote hijacking of the electronic systems in a car and using smart phones and televisions to perform covert surveillance of their owners.

“These very invasive exploits are extremely dangerous, especially in this era of the Internet of Things, where so many embedded systems are networked together,” explained Tim Teitelbaum, CEO. “The ability to take advantage of a vulnerability in an embedded system gives hackers and other malicious users a great deal of power.”

The additional funding from DARPA will allow GrammaTech to continue developing their solution to this significant area of weakness in embedded systems. GrammaTech’s protection system will operate directly on software binaries, to automatically detect vulnerabilities in embedded software, and then fix them without requiring human intervention. The system will accommodate a variety of platforms that are employed in embedded systems.

About GrammaTech:
Originally founded as a spin-off from Cornell University to commercialize software developed by Tim Teitelbaum and Thomas Reps at Cornell’s computer science lab, GrammaTech is a leading developer of software-assurance tools and advanced cyber-security solutions. GrammaTech’s tools are used by software developers worldwide, spanning a myriad of industries including avionics, medical, industrial control, and other applications where reliability and security are paramount. With both static and dynamic analysis techniques that analyze source code as well as binary executables, GrammaTech provides superior static analysis for better software.