What’s New in CodeSonar 5.2?

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GrammaTech’s recent release of CodeSonar, version 5.2, increases the coverage of industry coding standards, improved compiler support, further support for open standards and support for Power Architecture in our binary analysis. We have also revised our support for JuliaSoft for the latest release of their Java/C# analysis.

Let’s look at these new features in a bit more detail:


CodeSonar now supports the latest C++ coding guidelines from AUTOSAR – Guidelines for the use of the C++14 language in critical and safety-related systems – to be precise. The AUTOSAR C++ guidelines originated from MISRA C++ 2008 which covered C++ 03 language but much has evolved since then. MISRA and AUTOSAR have announced the merging of these standards in a future release.

Improved Compiler Support

CodeSonar 5.2 has updated support for new versions of the IAR, GNU C and CLANG compilers. As always, we have incorporated the latest version of the EDG parser into our front end, making sure we closely follow the C and C++ standards.

JuliaSoft Integration

Support for the latest release of Julia and its standalone installer has been added to CodeSonar 5.2. Julia provides best-in-class static analysis for Java and C# and includes an integration into the CodeSonar hub where mixed-language static analysis results can be reviewed and managed. If you are a current C/C++ user of CodeSonar and you have Java and C# in your enterprise as well, then we recommend that you ask us for an evaluation, you’d be amazed what defects JuliaSoft can uncover compared to open source or commercial static analysis tools.

Open Standards

GrammaTech continues its work on open standards including contributing to and supporting SARIF version 2.1. This support also means integration with the latest version of Microsoft Vs Code.

Binary Analysis for Power Architecture

GrammaTech is expanding support for CodeSonar for Binaries to include support for the Power architecture in addition to the existing support for x86 and ARM architectures. Power architecture is popular in many deeply embedded devices, especially based on the  Freescale (now NXP) family of processors and MCUs. These processors and MPUs are often used in avionics as well as automotive applications. More details are available in a previous post on this new capability.

Interested in learning more? Join our webinars on Tuesday, December 17 to see demonstrations of everything new in CodeSonar 5.2.


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