On Demand Discussion with Osterman Research: Exposing Software Supply Chain Security Blind Spots

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The findings in a recent Osterman Research report present a serious weakness in the software supply chain of many widely used COTS software applications. This discussion shares results of the research report and discuss how organizations can take a more proactive approach to ensuring a stronger enterprise-wide cybersecurity posture.

In this discussion, you will learn:
• Why vulnerabilities in COTS software applications are a cybersecurity threat
• 100% of all analyzed applications with open-source components in five common software categories (web browsers, email, file sharing, online meetings and messaging) contained vulnerable open-source components
• Applications in the meeting and email client categories were the most vulnerable
• Critical vulnerabilities (CVSS 10.0) were found in 85% of these applications
• New ways of analyzing COTS software applications to better reduce your attack surface and potential for compromise


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