GrammaTech Named Top 20 Most Promising Automotive Solution Provider

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In the most recent issue of CIO Review, GrammaTech was named one of the Top 20 Most Promising Automotive Solution Providers. The list of companies was selected by a panel of experts and members of CIO Review’s editorial board; GrammaTech’s IoT solutions were selected based on their ability to deliver exceptional value in today’s IoT-driven marketplace. Derived from deep innovation and intensive research in software analysis and software hardening, GrammaTech’s automotive solutions are designed to address today’s most challenging software issues.

With the growing adoption of shift left principle in the automotive industry, the onus of secure software is drifting toward the developers. Noticeably, developers are under increased pressure to develop ‘worry-free’ code. Stepping up to the challenge, GrammaTech is doubling down on its commitment to help modern development teams build highly reliable and secure software and drive innovation. 

Committed to solving the evolving challenges of the industry, GrammaTech is pushing the envelope in innovation to cater to the new paradigm in automotive software. Modern automotive software systems are built with a large set of components from different vendors, all utilizing a mix of proprietary software (custom code), open source code, and different APIs. GrammaTech helps companies detect security vulnerabilities in the software they develop themselves and in the components they procure from a third party through their supply chain.

Read the entire CIO Review interview with Vince Arneja, Chief Product Officer at GrammaTech.

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