GrammaTech Awarded Air Force Contract to Secure High-Assurance Software

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GrammaTech, Inc., a leading maker of tools that improve and accelerate software development, today announced that the company has been awarded an SBIR contract from the United States Air Force to research processes and tools that secure extremely high-assurance software. Within this research project, GrammaTech will work to improve both requirements-management and program-analysis tools for critical software verification in the Air Force.

As technology for securing high-assurance software continues to improve, organizations should consistently work to improve the rigorous processes used to ensure system security. In this project, GrammaTech will look at existing tools and processes in the supply chain, and then construct an integrated tool suite that can be used to address system security.

The tool suite will include tools for checking compliance against software coding standards, checking for safety and security programming flaws, verifying software against formally-expressed requirements, measuring test coverage, and managing automated test execution and generation. Additionally, GrammaTech will enhance, adapt, or integrate these tools, as needed, to fit the critical, highest-assurance software domain.

The results of this project will promote the creation of critical software systems that are safe, secure, and hardened against possible cyber-attacks.

About GrammaTech:
Originally founded as a spin-off from Cornell University to commercialize software developed by Tim Teitelbaum and Thomas Reps at Cornell’s computer science lab, GrammaTech is a leading developer of software-assurance tools and advanced cyber-security solutions. GrammaTech’s tools are used by software developers worldwide, spanning a myriad of industries including avionics, medical, industrial control, and other applications where reliability and security are paramount. With both static and dynamic analysis techniques that analyze source code as well as binary executables, GrammaTech provides superior static analysis for better software.

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