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DevOps and the Alternative Cloud

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Video Interview with Security Strategist, Charles Kolodgy

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Security and privacy are the top roadblocks holding developers black from using cloud infrastructure, according to 384 respondents surveyed for the DevOps and the Alternative Cloud Report, published in April of 2021. In this 17-minute video interview, we ask the author of the report, Charles Kolodgy, about his findings and what they mean to the shift left paradigm.

Charles is a security strategist and analyst with more than 30 years of experience. For this report, he worked under a new analyst firm, Accelerated Strategies Group. It turns out that he and Deb go way back in the industry where their paths crossed during various stages of their careers.

In this video interview, she asks Charles to explain:

  • What the ‘alternative cloud’ actually is
  • Costs and benefits of developing to the alternative cloud
  • Details on the report findings (risks, roadblocks, etc.)
  • Flexible security controls and connectivity to hybrid environments

Sign up for the report here: DevOps and the Alternative Cloud Report


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