CodeSonar helps Stoneridge Achieve Safety and Security

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Stoneridge, Inc. is a global leader in highly engineered electrical and electronic components for the commercial vehicle, passenger car, and off-highway markets. Stoneridge solutions power vehicle intelligence systems, provide dramatic increases in fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, and improve safety and security for everyone on the road. Stoneridge provides intelligent systems that maximize fleet performance today while integrating existing portfolios – connectivity, vision and safety and driver information systems – to bring value to their customers in the increasingly data-driven world.


Stoneridge demonstrates its capabilities in safety, efficiency and innovation with MirrorEye®, the first camera monitor system (CMS) to receive a federal exemption from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The exemption allows MirrorEye®-equipped trucks to operate on the road with an integrated system of cameras and digital displays as an alternative to conventional mirrors.

Despite investment poured into autonomous technology by the transportation industries, the number of commercial vehicle accidents on US roads continues to rise. According to the FMCSA, between 2009 and 2017, there was a 40% increase in fatal large truck crashes.

MirrorEye eliminates blind spots and provides a greater field of view for drivers in any weather-related or operating condition, improving safety for everyone on the road.

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Figure 1: Stoneridge MirrorEye

Stoneridge teams are experienced at developing safety critical technology and it is equally important that their partners keep safety and security at the forefront. When choosing a static code analysis tool, Stoneridge’s primary considerations were raising the software quality and security bar through improved awareness, finding a well-established and supported tool with C/C++ support, and strong support for MISRA, CERT-C/C++, and ISO 26262 compliance.

CodeSonar Provides the Features Needed with Smooth Integration into Stoneridge’s Workflow

GrammaTech CodeSonar’s thorough analysis capabilities support their delivery of safe and secure products and raise in-team quality awareness. CodeSonar’s ISO-26262 compliance not only meets the industry’s requirements but supports Stoneridge with delivering technology that exceeds them.

The user interface of CodeSonar provided Stoneridge with developer-friendly work environment when collaborating as a large team. Within their development process, tool findings are subject for review, and the built-in build tracking capabilities within CodeSonar provided a clearer look into new warnings versus resolved warnings.

Stoneridge has integrated CodeSonar into two core software development areas – MirrorEye and instrument clusters. Multiple development teams utilize CodeSonar in their daily practices, interfacing with Jenkins CI, Subversion and Git environments and workflows, where analysis jobs are executed. Most of the code analyzed is C-code, but with C++ on the rise throughout their development, they can rely on CodeSonar’s support both languages.

“CodeSonar is a modern SAST tool that integrates well into our development workflow. The tool allows our developers to work more efficiently, while raising the quality bar. The tools are packed with features and It easily integrated with our existing processes, met our established quality standards and offers a thorough analysis of the entire software solution – not just each module as a separate entity. “

— Per-Erik Andersson, Chief Engineer Software and System Verification

All said and done, CodeSonar helps Stoneridge to achieve the safety and security that they need efficiently, allowing engineers to spend more time developing new and innovative features for Stoneridge’s customers.

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Stoneridge Case Study


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