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Our Go-To-Market Partners


G3TEK Gömülü Teknolojiler Ltd. Şti.

  • İlkyerleşim Mah. 445. Sok. No:48 Batıkent/Ankara, Turkey
  • 1+90 5333793997
  • https://g3tek.com/

Ubiquitous A. I. Corporation (UAC)


Dedicated Systems

Australia & New Zealand



Verifysoft Technology GmbH

Germany, Austria, Switzerland (German-speaking), and Liechtenstein

Captura Electrónica S.L. (CAPEL)

Spain & Portugal



TechKinetics Pte Ltd


FTD Infocom Pvt Ltd



France, Italy, Belgium (French-speaking), Switzerland (French-speaking), and North Africa
  • 7 Rue André Marie Ampère, 31830 Plaisance-du-Touch, France
  • +33 561 306 900
  • +33 561 165 063
  • https://www.isit.fr/fr/

Nohau Norway


Nohau Danmark



United States

Nohau Finland

Finland and the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)

Nohau Solutions


Our Technology Partners

These companies trust GrammaTech to develop new techniques and technologies that can more accurately find all critical defects in their software applications.


The ArmorCode AppSecOps platform unifies application security and infrastructure vulnerability management. It integrates with your security ecosystem to de-duplicate, correlate, and orchestrate findings in a single platform so security and development teams can realize holistic visibility, flexible agility, and cross-team collaboration.


NetSPI is a penetration testing company that is transforming the cyber security testing industry with tech-enabled services and prevention-based cyber security techniques.


A computer software company that develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports products and services related to software through several product divisions.

GreenHills Software

RTOS vendor building operating systems and programming tools for embedded systems.

IAR Systems

Computer software company that offers development tools for embedded systems.


A commercial Unix-like real-time operating system, aimed primarily at the embedded systems market.

Rapita Systems

Rapita Systems develops software tools for on-target verification, optimization, and code coverage of critical real-time embedded aerospace and automotive systems.


Vector provides software tools, embedded components, and services for the development of electronic systems in the aerospace, automotive, railway, industrial and medical industries.


VerifySoft provides Testwell CTC++ Code Coverage Analyzer (works with all compilers, and all embedded targets, analyses all coverage levels, compliant with safety standards like DO-178C and ISO 26262).


Verocel, Inc has been in business since 1999 and specializes in software and complex electronic hardware verification. Verocel’s management and engineering team expertise has been applied to RTCA/DO-178 and DO-254, IEC 61508, ISO 26262, EN 51028, and IEC 62304 certification standards. Our unique skills in certification of software components, partitioning, and constraining run-time applications for use in safety-critical platforms have enabled dozens of customers to succeed. We have skills in Ada, C, C++, Java, and most other higher-order languages.

Wind River

Develops embedded system software consisting of run-time software, industry-specific software solutions, simulation technology, development tools, and middleware, which is software and operating systems for information appliances and devices for intelligent connected systems.

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