Software Hardening

In today's connected world, software application resiliency takes an increasingly predominant role. The industry is facing new challenges in all markets, and with the continuous discovery of new vulnerabilities in more connected systems and sensors, customers need software systems to be secure, safe, and reliable out-of-the-box.

How can you harden your software, be it new software, legacy software, open source, and/or 3rd-party software? GrammaTech services can help your teams – from design to hardening implementation techniques, to run-time technologies – minimize risks of security breaches, data loss, and more.

Software Hardening Techniques

Software hardening is done through three core techniques: software vulnerability analysis, binary patching and transformation, and software monitoring. To facilitate the vulnerability analysis, GrammaTech’s flagship static analysis and SAST suite, CodeSonar, can be used for thorough code analysis. Vulnerabilities, detected defects and weak designs, can be strengthened by our patching technologies, applying confinement or diversification techniques. Finally, for deployed runtime protection, GrammaTech has powerful monitoring technologies to alert the system of prohibited or unexpected conditions. With our rich history in research and innovation, we are a natural choice to aid companies requiring software hardening expertise.

The Challenge

New and existing embedded, M2M, and IoT device software needs to be reliable, resilient, safe, and secure – able to run 24/7 no matter what conditions, issues, or anomalies it encounters. Today’s IoT computing ecosystems are harsh and dangerous, creating new sophisticated challenges. But most devices were not designed to support the high levels of connectivity, access, and remote operations of today's systems, creating an ever-increasing set of failures, system breaches, and failures in the field. System attacks and sensor malfunctions are unavoidable, but rigorous development analysis, applied resiliency techniques, and continuous system monitoring can make systems operate longer and run more safely and reliably.

The Solution

Software Analysis

  • Static Analysis
  • Audit Services

GrammaTech offers innovative tools and services to aid customers in software or system analysis across multiple industries where quality, safety, and security assurance is critical. We support teams with training and coaching, automated verification and analysis technologies, and 3rd-party independent audit services.

Software Transformation

  • Binary Patching
  • Diversification
  • Confinement

GrammaTech provides teams with design expertise and runtime transformation functions to improve ‘build in’ software robustness, using confinement and diversification techniques and dynamic patching of discovered vulnerabilities.

Software Monitoring

  • Runtime monitoring

GrammaTech offers software monitors that provide devices with basic forms of self-awareness, helping them monitor for deviations from expected behavior, assess mission health, and react to preserve system objectives – raising alerts, initiating recovery processes, or shutting the system down in order to protect critical data. Health monitoring and advanced system reasoning are crucial for successful operation of tomorrow's IoT and M2M devices.

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