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Recent studies have found that 70% of all IoT devices are vulnerable to cybersecurity breaches. Why? Because only 15% of today's development teams analyze all of their critical code. Vendors are racing to claim a piece of the predicted 8.9 trillion dollar IoT market, made up of more than 50 billion IoT devices within nearly all markets – automotive, industrial automation, aerospace, energy/utilities, home appliance, consumer electronics, medical, education, manufacturing, and more.

Clearly, organizations need a better way to develop security software capable of operating in the IoT-age. Machine-to-machine devices, predicted to be more than half of all IoT devices, have become a new battleground between manufacturers and hackers – one in which the hackers are winning, causing disruption, system failure, and physical harm, in many cases.

This is where GrammaTech comes in. GrammaTech has the experts, services, and technologies for today’s most sophisticated embedded devices. GrammaTech’s approach explores three crucial aspects of customers' development process – vulnerability and threat landscape, comprehensive analysis of the code, and deployment safeguards – combined with extensive coaching and training options for building team skills.

Use CodeSonar to free your application from critical coding cybersecurity vulnerabilities, eliminating corporate liability and risk.

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