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The growing complexity of connected IoT devices, and the fact that most of these devices contain a combination of legacy, 3rd-party, and new code, make it more difficult for teams to develop, augment, and maintain software. Furthermore, it's common to be asked to update an existing application, only to find yourself lacking critical insights about its system design and potential vulnerabilities, wishing there was an easy way to get an aerial view of the whole system.

CodeSonar's award-winning software visualization engine provides you with a quick way to do just that. Visualization allows you to look at code and quickly learn how it's organized and how it works. Visualization doesn't just look at a single piece of software – it shows how the different components in a software system work together – for both source and binary code.

CodeSonar allows teams to explore and see all 3 crucial aspects of a software system - showing you each subsystem, interfaces, control flow, and potential taint data sources.

Code Visualization

Understand Your Code

View multiple metrics at once to gain a high-level understanding of your code. Visualize whole systems, including source and binaries, to get a full picture.

Large code bases (over 10 million lines of code) present both technical and cognitive challenges, which CodeSonar Visualization handles from the ground up. Details are progressively revealed as you zoom, eliminating visual clutter while preserving connectivity information. Zoom, pan, expand, collapse, and work yourself through the elements of code you're interested in.

CodeSonar lets you visualize the data you want to see in the layout you want to see it in. Choose from multiple layout options, explore the way you want (top-down, bottom-up, outward from a specific point, or anything in between), and visualize custom data relevant to your project.

Explore Bug Warnings

Easily determine which paths are susceptible to a bug by exploring warnings found by CodeSonar's static analysis engine.

Visualize Taint Analysis

Visualize notoriously hard-to-find tainted data pathways as an overlay on the code or superimposed on a graphical visualization of the program. Explore call graphs to determine taint sources and propogations of tainted data.

CodeSonar Visualization gets your team coding more quickly, saving valuable and limited development time.

Visualize large systems. Find and fix real problems.

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