Automotive Cyber Security Testing for Software & Code

Eliminate system crashes from your crash-avoidable systems.

For suppliers of automotive systems, the move towards more regulated software systems raises concerns around expertise, increased development time, and cost. At the same time, with the exponential increase in the quantity of software in today’s automobiles and the growing connectivity of such software, the risk of injury or death caused by software errors or security breaches has raised the stakes for organizations. Even without a catastrophic event, no developer wants to be identified as the cause of an expensive vehicle recall due to a software defect.

GrammaTech's CodeSonar and CodeSentry provides an automotive solution for your team's SAST and SCA needs by supporting the latest automative standards like MISRA and ISO 26262, unlocking hidden defects from your supply chain, and reducing your business risks through real-time visibility into your code quality.

Empower your teams to deliver the best, smartest cars on the planet without the risk.

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CodeSonar and CodeSentry help you comply with automotive coding standards:

  • MISRA C: 2004,2012
  • ISO 26262
  • Mitre's CWE
  • Build Security In (BSI)
  • U.S. CERT
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"CodeSonar met our rigorous standards and showed it can fit well into our software development process. We are eager to measure the resulting improvements in code quality and safety."

– Software R&D Department,
DENSO Corporation

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