Aerospace & Defense Cyber Security for Software and Code

Building safety-critical, mission-critical systems

If you’re developing safety-critical software for aerospace or defense applications, having complete confidence in your software applications is essential. Beyond the needs to meet stringent requirements, aerospace and defense projects have a unique challenge in that software is deployed for a very long time, and upgrade timeframes can see significant change throughout a system's life.

Coding standards such as MISRA C and MISRA C++, CWE , CERT C, and CERT C++ have been developed specifically to improve code quality, safety, and security. They are increasingly leveraged by software organizations in aerospace and defense industries. Manually enforcing these standards is infeasible, so automated tools are required to ensure compliance.

GrammaTech CodeSonar and CodeSentry Aerospace & Defense solutions support your team's SAST and SCA needs by supporting the latest A&D standards, quickly scanning both source and binary code to unlock hidden defects quickly and reduce your business risks.

Empower your teams to deliver the best, out-of-this-world devices – on budget, on time.

Join other organizations who rely on GrammaTech for assuring safety in aerospace and defense applications:

CodeSonar and CodeSentry help you comply with safety and security standards:

  • DO 178B/C
  • Mitre's CWE
  • Build Security In (BSI)
  • U.S. CERT
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Customer Success Story

To boost the reliability of their software, NASA uses advanced static analysis from GrammaTech.

GrammaTech NASA Curiosity Case Study
"For over 18 years, NASA's Independent Verification and Validation Program has utilized static code analysis tools to find defects that pose a risk to the success of NASA's most critical missions - assuring software operates safely, reliably, and securely."


Software Quality and Security Challenges Growing from Rapid Rise of Third-Party Code

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