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Security Analysis

Our SAST technology finds critical software vulnerabilities for maximum application security by analyzing all of your code – including third-party, open source, and internally developed code.

Code Quality

CodeSonar's static analysis engine finds 5 times more defects than other static analysis tools, ranging from resource, memory, concurrency, and API-misuse defects.


We help teams develop application security software that complies with industry regulatory standards, helping teams efficiently certify and ship in all markets.


The most powerful software assurance SAST solution on the market today, CodeSonar pinpoints the most critical bugs. It analyzes potentially dangerous dataflows and can integrate your own checkers.

Application Security Analysis

Only 15% of today's development teams analyze all of their critical code, leaving 70% of all IoT devices vulnerable to security breaches. Use CodeSonar to find security, compliance, and harmful coding bugs left behind.

Binary Analysis

Today's applications leverage 3rd-party code to accelerate time-to-market. But at what risk? GrammaTech's binary analysis detects critical vulnerabilities in 3rd-party applications and linked libraries without their source code.

GrammaTech EVE

The Echo Verification Engine (EVE) is at the heart of CodeSonar and our other static analysis technologies, providing the deepest static analysis in the market and finding 5 times more defects than all other tools.

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Eliminating Vulnerabilities in Third-Party Code with Binary Analysis

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