Best Practice & Remediation Coaching

Our team of experts can help you transform your team, efficiently incorporating secure coding practices into your existing development processes.

GrammaTech has led multiple development teams during our extensive research efforts, helping engineers with new techniques and technologies required to develop safe, secure, and reliable code. We have codified those experiences into services that provide:

  • SAST Coaching:
    Respond to developer questions about implementation and results, providing guidance on code changes to remediate vulnerabilities.
  • Security Testing Support:
    Onboard new development teams or third-party vendors and educate them about the process; assist with initial SAST scans of source and binary code.
  • Integration Support:
    Develop appropriate integration strategies for each team and resolve technical issues with custom integrations.

Product Training

Getting your team up and running quickly is critical in today’s fast-paced connected economy. GrammaTech offers courses designed to enable our customers and partners to efficiently roll-out CodeSonar for maximum benefit, through onsite live instruction and hands-on lab exercises.

Our expert instructors come to your site and deliver training at a time and place most convenient for your staff and project schedule. Our team of experts can help your team understand how to optimally integrate CodeSonar into your defined development processes and other tools being used within the project. In addition to gaining fundamental knowledge to start making effective use of the tool, our experts can also help you adjust the tool to highlight the bugs you care about most, speeding up future development.

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Third-Party Audit Services

Regardless of the industry you are working in, getting your software applications 'correct' is becoming more and more imperative. Whether you work for an enterprise and want to make sure your third-party software is secure, or you’re a vendor who wants to prove to potential buyers that your applications comply with the latest safety or security standards, we can help you get there.

GrammaTech's audit services reduce the risks associated with developing IoT/M2M devices by extending your team's expertise.

Using GrammaTech's audit services, we manage the entire review and audit program for you. Our independent software audit services give you a simple and cost-effective way to give your customers the third-party audit attestation they require. Thanks to our comprehensive source and binary static analysis tooling, you don’t need to upload your code to to the cloud, protecting your intellectual property.

Design Services

Worried about transitioning to the highly-connected IoT/M2M markets?

Don't have the internal resources and expertise to development your next M2M device? GrammaTech has experts in application design, security hardening, and autonomic computing. They can help you develop your application to comply with the latest safety and security standards. We can help your team become experts.

Boost your team's expertise with a GrammaTech Design Assessment

Give your design teams a competitive advantage. In a Design Assessment, GrammaTech's design architects provide thought leadership, working collaboratively with your design and program teams to identify requirements, architect system options, and provide recommendations for meeting business, technical, and program goals – specifically addressing security, safety, and reliability issues. Our design experience will accelerate your program ramp-up through tailored activities that fit your program’s unique needs.

  • Critical requirements and the trade-offs that drive architecture decisions
  • Safety, compliance, and security requirements
  • Strategies for developing compliant and certified systems

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