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CodeSonar, GrammaTech's flagship static analysis SAST tool, identifies bugs that can result in system crashes, unexpected behavior, and security breaches for a more secure Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

CodeSonar has been proven to provide the deepest static analysis, finding more critical defects than other static analysis tools on the market. CodeSonar has performed best on several static analysis tool benchmarks in finding static memory, resource management, concurrency, and other defects.

By analyzing both source code and binaries, CodeSonar enables teams to analyze complete applications, enabling you to take control of your software supply chain and eliminate the most costly and hard-to-find defects early in the SDLC.

CodeSonar extends team scalability, improves quality, and instills confidence.

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Customer Success Story

Sypris Electronics uses CodeSonar certification of high-security devices.

GrammaTech Secure SDLC Sypris Case Study
"GrammaTech’s CodeSonar does an excellent job of showing you the path of how you got into the problem."

– Sypris Electronics

More bugs found. More lives saved. More hacks prevented.

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