Why Partner with GrammaTech?

A Recognized Leader in Software Assurance

GrammaTech is a trusted leader in software assurance, developing new techniques and technologies to more accurately find all critical defects in software applications.

Our teams of experts leverage decades of research and partnerships with academic and government groups, as well as other software research firms, to come up with creative solutions to today's software challenges. GrammaTech's award-winning technology found in CodeSonar can be used to enhance your solution, eliminating harmful defects that could erode your customer profits and brand reputation.

A Recognized Innovator in Cyber-Security Solutions

GrammaTech has continued to invest in research to advance the state-of-the-art in cyber-security protection, binary transformations, and autonomic computing capabilities for embedded, M2M, and IoT device software. We can assist your teams with the expertise and technologies needed to help your customers deliver the intelligent systems that are required in today's IoT ecosystem.

Your customer will be successful using GrammaTech products and services.

GrammaTech is committed to our partners' successes. We will help you deliver against your customers' requirements, with dedicated experts in today's most critical areas of cyber-security and software assurance. These experts help your teams successfully develop and deploy embedded, M2M, and IoT application software.