Eliminate product security and safety issues with CodeSonar’s award-winning source code analysis.

Implement Deep SAST

Find Issues Others Miss

CodeSonar is a static code analysis solution that helps you find and understand quality and security defects in your source code or binaries. CodeSonar makes it easy to integrate SAST into your development process with support for over 100 compilers and compiler versions, numerous integrations to popular development tools and IDEs, and whole-program analysis that finds issues other tools miss.

Bring Security into DevSecOps

At Speed and Scale

CodeSonar was doing DevSecOps before it was cool. Industries and companies are rapidly undergoing a digital transformation. Techniques like DevSecOps help companies respond to this challenge by releasing solutions to market faster and with fewer defects. Static code analysis is a fundamental component of DevSecOps and CodeSonar is here to help. 

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Fulfill Functional Safety & Coding Standards

Quality with Safety and Security

SAST can help you achieve your functional safety objectives and comply with coding standards like MISRA, AUTOSAR, CWE, or CERT. CodeSonar supports all major coding standards and is pre-qualified for the highest levels of safety for the IEC 61508, ISO 26262, and EN 50128 standards. Artifacts for qualification according to DO-178C/DO-330 are also available. 

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Gain In-Development Insights

Beyond Simply “We think there’s a problem”

Go beyond just finding problems to a deep understanding of where a warning comes from and what the risks are, even in code you did not write. CodeSonar provides whole-program SAST along with unique inspection reporting capabilities, helping developers understand, prioritize, and remediate issues rapidly.

Supported Languages

CodeSonar supports many popular languages, including C/C++, Java, and C# as well as support for native binaries in Intel, and ARM instruction set architectures. CodeSonar also supports OASIS SARIF to exchange information with other tools in the DevSecOps environment.

The CodeSonar Difference

What makes GrammaTech’s static application security testing technology better?


    Broad coverage of security vulnerabilities, including OWASP Top10, SANS/CWE 25 and SEI CERT C/C++. Support for third party applications through byte code analysis.


    Integration into DevSecOps to improve quality of the code and developer efficiency. Find code quality and performance issues at speed. 


    Meet demanding scalability requirements when millions of lines of code are involved, across numerous projects, and global teams.

SDLC Integrations

CodeSonar is designed to support large teams. Defects are persistent and tracked across builds, even if code changes. They can be annotated, ranked, assigned, searched for, and compared. Support for many team tools is provided out of the box.

CodeSonar FAQs

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CodeSonar introduces static application security testing (SAST) findings into your SDLC processes and integrates into your software project management and continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) workflows, as well as your developer IDEs. Defects identified are persistent and tracked across builds even if its location changes. Presented as warnings, they can be annotated, ranked, assigned, searched, and compared, as well as maintained as part of the historical record of warnings. CodeSonar is designed to support large teams and supports many team-tools out of the box.

Yes. CodeSonar can be deployed as a single tenant cloud application or as an on-premises solution, and as an air-gapped on-prem solution. A hybrid-cloud solution supports the deployment of the CodeSonar Hub into environments like AWS and GovCloud.

CodeSonar provides support for MISRA-C and MISRA-C++, AUTOSAR C++-14, CERT, DISA STIG, OWASP, CWE and many other standards.

CodeSonar supports integration with numerous SDLC and DevSecOps management tools including Jira, GitLab, GitHub, Docker, Jenkins, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and Qlik.

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