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For manufacturers and suppliers of automotive systems, the move towards more software-reliant systems raises concerns around expertise, testing, increased development time, and cost. At the same time, with the exponential increase in the quantity of software in today’s automobiles and the growing connectivity of such software, the risk of injury or death caused by software errors or security vulnerabilities has raised the stakes for organizations.

Even without a catastrophic event, no developer wants to be identified as the cause of an expensive vehicle recall due to a software defect. 

GrammaTech’s CodeSonar and CodeSentry provide an automotive solution for your team’s SAST and SCA needs by supporting the latest automotive standards like MISRA and ISO 26262, exposing hidden defects from your software supply chain, and reducing your business risks through real-time visibility into your code quality. Empower your teams to deliver the best, smartest cars on the planet without the risk. 

Delivering Digital Capabilities Quickly & Securely

Software unlocks new levels of value and innovation, allowing manufacturers to bring emerging technologies to customers faster and fulfill their promise of a modern driving and travel experience. Ensuring this software supports the quality, safety, security, and reliability requirements throughout a vehicle’s lifecycle promotes better products as well as customer loyalty.

GrammaTech solutions integrate into your existing software factory processes and toolset, supporting Shift Left initiatives that accelerate development cycles and reduce code defects.


Reducing Automotive Software Failures

From design through production, software not only supports manufacturing tooling and processes, but it activates unique experiences for the customer which extend throughout the life of the vehicle. Eliminating software faults and failures ensures not only safer, more reliable customer experiences, but also reduces the recall costs and long-term branding impact.

GrammaTech solutions check compliance against coding standards and identify defects and risky third-party components early in the development process, ensuring flaws and vulnerable elements are remediated early in production, prior to release.


Securing Software Defined Vehicles

Flexible platforms that apply software defined capabilities give both manufactures, suppliers, and consumers greater options. Leveraging software to deliver new driving concepts across numerous design options supports greater individualization which is increasingly required to remain competitive. However, the core requirements for functional safety persist.

GrammaTech solutions support the agility and scale to deliver secure software at speed across numerous platform environments and projects, and support attestation as needed.

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    “CodeSonar does a better job of finding the more serious problems, which are often buried deep in the code and sometimes hidden by unusual programming constructs that are hard for other static analysis tools to parse.” GE Aviation

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