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If you’re developing safety-critical software for aerospace or defense applications, having complete confidence in your software applications is essential. Beyond the need to meet stringent requirements, aerospace and defense projects have a unique challenge in that software is deployed for a very long time, and upgrade timeframes can see significant change throughout a system’s life. 

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Enabling Development to Iterate Fast

Increasing global competition, rapidly emerging technologies and new materials, higher complexity, and a growing commercial aircraft backlog are trends putting pressure on aerospace companies to deliver high precision products faster.

GrammaTech solutions improve productivity and speed time to market by shifting security to the left in the DevOps cycle, resulting in faster iteration cycles with greater quality and platform reliability.

Supporting Safety, Speed, AND Security

Treating security requirements in the same way as safety and functional requirements is the new standard given contemporary cyber threats. Modern safety-critical avionics software requires rigorous security engineering aligned to established safety practices. Shift Left initiatives that include security and safety verification and assessment within the design and development processes reduce the effects of legacy waterfall approaches to traditional software development.

GrammaTech solutions support validation through testing and are implemented in critical parts of the DevSecOps development process, quickly scanning both source and binary code to unlock hidden defects and reduce business risks.

Making Compliance Affordable

Certifying software included in systems like safety-critical avionics is expensive. The biggest challenge to adopting agile processes, DevSecOps, and CI/CD for safety-critical software is the need to satisfy audits, verification & validation, and certification requirements. Manually enforcing these standards is infeasible, so automated tools are required to ensure compliance.

GrammaTech solutions automate tedious, potentially error-prone, manual steps in the development process and provide validation evidence to prove system functionality and airworthiness.

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    “CodeSonar does a better job of finding the more serious problems, which are often buried deep in the code and sometimes hidden by unusual programming constructs that are hard for other static analysis tools to parse.” GE Aviation

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