CodeSonar SAST Jenkins Integration

SAST when Safety and Security Matter

  CodeSonar SAST. Jenkins Automation Server.

GrammaTech provides SAST and SCA security testing products. Our SAST product – CodeSonar – is the favorite when code safety and security are important. CodeSonar integrates with Jenkins automation server via the CodeSonar Jenkins plugin. You can configure Jenkins to include CodeSonar analysis in the build of your project, and use the plugin to return the results of the analysis to Jenkins. The plugin collects current and historical static analysis data from the CodeSonar Hub and presents these results in the Job Dashboard. The plugin can be configured to set the Jenkins build result to ‘Failed’ if the CodeSonar analysis results exceed configurable warning and/or metric thresholds.

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Incorporate the CodeSonar Analysis Into Your Jenkins Automation

CodeSonar is integrated via a job configuration in Jenkins. This incorporates static analysis into the continuous build process. This integration extends to C/C++ make invocation and Java builds at the command line level.

Jenkins Build Conditions based on SAST Analysis

CodeSonar can be used to impose conditions on a particular property of the analysis results such cyclomatic complexity or high risk/high impact warnings. As a threshold is reached the action taken by Jenkins can be specified in the configuration.

Handle CodeSonar Warnings in Post Build Actions

The results of the CodeSonar analysis can drive post-build actions based on the conditions placed on warning or metric thresholds.

Integrate with Pipeline for Continuous Delivery

The Jenkins plugin can be integrated into a continuous delivery workflow via Jenkins Pipeline DSL.

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The best way to try a SAST solution is to run it on your own codebase and review the warnings it issues. Book a demo and learn how GrammaTech technology can rapidly improve your software development capability.