CodeSonar SAST GitHub Integration

SAST when Safety and Security Matter

  CodeSonar SAST. GitHub.

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GrammaTech CodeSonar is the static application security testing solution developers choose for embedded application development when safety and security matter. CodeSonar seamlessly integrates into the GitHub Actions enabling developers to address security and functional safety issues without disruption to their software development life cycle (SDLC). Developers working in GitHub get warnings directly from CodeSonar with mappings to industry standards and annotation details to quickly understand warnings and efficiently fix them.

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Seamless DevSecOps Pipeline Integration

With CodeSonar integration with GitHub Actions, SAST results are presented directly in the GitHub built-in code scanning interface. CodeSonar scans can be scheduled or run on an ad hoc basis. Reviewing CodeSonar warnings in the GitHub CI/CD workflow makes it easy for developers to work with the SAST results in a DevSecOps environment.


Find and Fix Issues Faster

When CodeSonar is integrated with GitHub, developers can review the function caller list without having to leave GitHub Actions. This delivers a positive user experience making it easy to see what caused the defect warning and enabling developers to efficiently find and fix the issue in the analyzed code base.


Industry Standard Mapping

Industry standards and rules provide software developers with guidelines and best practices for coding. Following these standards is important for safety-critical applications in industries such as automotive, industrial controls, medical, aerospace/defense and others. CodeSonar maps warning classes to industry standards (i.e. MISRA, ISO 26362/IEC 61508, JPL, CERT C/C++ and others) and presents the results in GitHub to automate the detection of common coding errors.


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The best way to try a SAST solution is to run it on your own codebase and review the warnings it issues. Book a demo and learn how GrammaTech technology can rapidly improve your software development capability.