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CodeSonar SAST for C#

CodeSonar empowers teams to quickly analyze and validate source and binary code, identifying serious vulnerabilities that could lead to system failures, poor security and reliability, system breaches, or unsafe conditions.

CodeSonar tracks vulnerabilities between software releases and integrates directly into CI/CD and DevSecOp pipelines to extend team scalability all the while improving quality and instilling confidence.

CodeSonar for C# protects:


Null pointers, non-terminating code, comparison errors, exceptions


SQL injection, cross-site scripting, http response splitting


Redundant objects, overloaded garbage collector, unnecessary memory access


Variable naming, simplification of expressions


CodeSonar for C# is a high precision static analysis tool:

  • Based on innovate abstract interpretation and detailed dataflow analysis
  • Includes checkers for quality, security, privacy, efficiency and style
  • Support for CI/CD as well as in-IDE integration
  • Support for CVSS (Common Vulnerability Security Score)
  • Supports for OWASP Top 10, CWE and SANS Top 25
  • Can analyze third party byte code
  • Support for most popular C# frameworks


CI/CD integration