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Binary Software Composition Analysis

Binary Software Composition Analysis

The use of third-party software is now a reality. In fact, at least 90% of corporations use third party software and 95% of proprietary or custom software applications they create contain third party components. To overcome this blind spot in assessing third-party software inventory and risk, CodeSentry allows security professionals to measure and manage the risk associated with open source vulnerabilities in third-party software quickly and easily.

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Securing the Modern Software Stack

CodeSentry is derived from GrammaTech’s ground-breaking binary code analysis research. This technology achieves deep scalable analysis without the need for source code and is suitable for enterprise wide adoption.  Binary analysis is both efficient and less error prone than conventional SCA tools and due to CodeSentry’s high precision and recall results in fewer missed vulnerabilities and fewer false positives. The key advantage of CodeSentry is the ability to interrogate – at the binary level - both open source software and the third-party software that is now so commonly used.

CodeSentry Introduction

Software Bill of Materials

CodeSentry creates a detailed software bill of materials (SBOM) and lists known vulnerabilities in the detected components including any dependencies. CodeSentry continuously tracks these vulnerabilities throughout the software lifecycle. CodeSentry enables all your applications to be audit ready without rework or guesswork. The SBOM can be embedded along with each application making audit requests more reliable.

Deep Binary Analysis

CodeSentry’s binary detection capability is made possible with our deep scalable binary analysis. 

This approach yields high precision and recall meaning less missed vulnerabilities and less false positives.

Software Re-Use Risk Management

CodeSentry allows security professionals to measure and manage the risk associated with third-party software quickly and easily. Achieved with a powerful combination of deep binary analysis, detailed software bill of materials (SBOM) and a comprehensive list of known vulnerabilities. Tracked and managed throughout the software lifecycle.

What is CodeSentry Binary Software Composition Analysis?

CodeSentry uses multiple component matching algorithms that provide speed and accuracy of component detection across different Instruction Set Architectures (ISAs) and compilers. These algorithms compute and compare code signatures using properties ranging from lexical information such as the contents of strings, up to deep semantic abstractions of the high-level logic contained in functions.


Software Bill of Materials

Vulnerability List

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System Requirements

Server: Linux based system with 32 GB of memory and Kubernetes
Client: Any modern web browser or mobile device
Deployment: On premise; software as a service (future)
Output formats: CSV; PDF; XML
Languages: C; C++; Objective-C
Object Format: ELF; PE; MacO
Compression / Archive / Installation Formats: Zip (.zip); 7-Zip (.7z); Tar (.tar); Bzip (.bz2); Gzip (.gz); Windows Installer (.msi)
Binary Formats: Native binaries; Linux: executables, objects, archives, libraries (.o, .so, .a); Windows: executable, objects, libraries (.exe, .obj, .dll); Mac: executables, objects, libraries
Target Operating Systems: Windows; Linux; MacOS; TROS; Baremetal
Future Formats Supported: Containers; Disk images; Installer images; Directories