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Static Analysis for Source Code and Binary Code

Thank you for visiting the GrammaTech website. We are no longer developing or supporting Ada-Assured™ or Ada-Utilities™, and so we are no longer hosting a copy of the Ada 95 Reference Manual.

Our flagship product is now CodeSonar®, a static analysis tool that performs whole-program, interprocedural analysis on source code and binary code. CodeSonar identifies problems that range from standard coding violations to concurrency errors to crashing bugs. Its web-based interface provides straightforward access to analysis results, and supports the software development process with a range of information: from high-level reports and summary charts to detailed examinations of individual weaknesses detected.

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CodeSonar is currently available for C, C++, and Java source code, as well as binary code.

You can learn more about CodeSonar here on the GrammaTech website, or sign up for a free trial and try CodeSonar on your own code at no cost.