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Unit Testing with Cantata

Cantata's Eclipse user interface provides a complete environment for the creation, execution, and analysis of unit and integration tests.

Dynamic testing with built-in standards compliance.

Unit/Integration Testing for C/C++ and Java

Cantata is an advanced tool that uses unit and integration testing to dynamically prove code safety. The Cantata Eclipse user interface provides a complete test development environment for the creation, execution, and analysis of unit and integration tests. It easily integrates with the developer desktop, compilers, and embedded target platforms.

Cantata has been proven in all high-integrity sectors, including medical, air-traffic control, avionics, rail transport, automotive, space, defense, and nuclear energy; as well as for business-critical sectors, such as telecom, financial, and digital broadcast systems.

The Cantata Tool Qualification Kit is available free of charge, for customers wishing to qualify the tool themselves for high-integrity standards.

Reducing Commercial Risk while Minimizing Testing Costs

Thorough software testing at the developer level ensures that devices perform reliably in the field. Software testing has the power to increase your confidence, reduce your risk, and help prevent software failures after shipping. Protect your products, your brand, and the reputation of your company by completing thorough software testing.

Unit testing and low-level integration testing are the earliest tests performed during software development. This is the least expensive time to fix defects because it is before they enter the wider code stream or, far worse, are shipped with the device.

Why is Cantata the Best Unit Testing Tool?

Cantata provides the most flexible toolkit for C/C++ developers to perform unit and integration testing on host or embedded target platforms.

Cantata is fully qualifiable for safety-critical use. With the most advanced integrated code coverage analysis available for C/C++ and Java, Cantata boasts the following features:

  • Static analysis metrics provide help with planning the most efficient tests.
  • A powerful built-in EDG C/C++ parser generates a detailed understanding of code, for automatic generation of test cases as thorough or light-touch as required.
  • Preferences for the appearance of all views, reports, and installation details can be saved in user-specific configurations.
  • Test and analysis generation options for test script layout, source language, memory, global data, and testability instrumentation can all be user-configured.
  • Test harness automates testing as appropriate.
  • Unique testability instrumentation and wrapping provide precision test control and verification.
  • Integrated code coverage and test optimization pinpoints gaps and efficiently directs test efforts.
  • Results and diagnostics are used for rapid error-identification and to support certification.
  • Automated repeatable execution through Cantata Makefiles retains value of tests whenever code is built.